Larry Kanfer Photography Gallery

Spring 2013


  •  Off the Wall Event at the Larry Kanfer Gallery - July 18-21 


  •  Travel Presentation:  SUNNY PORTUGAL Travel to Portugal with Larry Kanfer on this WCIA Collette Travel Tour - Learn more Thursday May 30, 6 pm at the Larry Kanfer Gallery 


  • Spring Open House Thursday - Sunday May 2 - 5, Larry Kanfer Gallery, Champaign.
  • Travel to Sicily & Southern Italy hosted by Larry Kanfer, sponsored by WCIA and Collette Vacations. Feb. 28 - Mar. 11.
  • Larry Kanfer featured on WCIA's CI Living Tuesday April 30, 4pm. Larry will share his experiences in Sicily and his next WCIA Collette Vacation will be announced. If you miss it live, check out
  • Sicily Trip Reunion & Sicily Collection Sneak PeekThursday April 25, at the Larry Kanfer Gallery
  • Pfister Seeds Contest Top two prizes are commissioned Larry Kanfer photography of your farmland. Contest runs March 18-June 28 See details here
  • Make a Difference Award Presented to Larry Kanfer for his work developing the Veterans Day One on One annual appreciation event, at the Rotary District 6490 Conference
  • Wooden Nickel Promotions April 24 - May 2 in honor of the Illinois Marathon, includes Larry Kanfer Gallery, by the Convention & Visitors Bureau



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